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cience."Air travel has never been such a good deal for consumers. Not onl▓y are fares staying low, the options for travelers are expanding. Some 1,300 new direct links between cities were opened in 2018, and 250 million more journeys ▓by air occurred in 2018 than in 2017," said Alex▓andre de Juniac, director-general and CEO of the Interna▓tional Air Transport Association.In addition

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ng, are getting digitalized in China.In January▓, China Southern started online seat selection for all dom


estic flights and paperless e-boarding passes, lend▓ing a green touch to travel.In late January, its firs▓t week of digitalized operations saw around 75 percent of domestic passengers selecting their seats via digital▓ devices. Last year, the carrier transporte▓d 139 million passengers."The global aviation industry is at a crucial development stage. It is shifting from an increment-driven market to one in which greater value and opportunities are extracted from the existing market. Digitalization presents a significant opportuni▓ty for the China market," said Yu Zhanfu, partner and vice-president of the China practice at Roland▓ Berger consultan

cy.From February, Shanghai▓ Pudong International Airport upgraded its free Wi-Fi services on its premises. Passengers can use airport Wi-Fi for f▓ree for three months from the date of authenticating their registration on the network. The airport'▓s internet access is 20 times faster than before, and stable, according to the Shanghai Airport Authority.Passengers can download large files like entertainm▓ent content quickly. Some 50,000 connections can be ▓used at the same time on their premises, airport officials said.Meanwhile, Guangzhou Baiyun Interna

tional Airport, one of the major international travel hubs in China, has been transformi

ng itself into a smart facility.By the end of last year, Baiyun airport had 234 self-operated check-

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in m▓achines. Nearly 70 percent of the passengers opted to use them, airport officials said.Besides, Terminal 2 of the Baiyun airport had 55 self-service baggage checking machines, t▓he highest for any domestic airport. This has helped shorten the waiting time for passengers and b▓oosted operational efficiency, they said.Also, Baiyun airpo

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▓rt has become the first domestic airport to start self-service boarding. As of December, it had 45 self-servic▓e boarding gates, and passengers can pass through these using the facial recognition technology.That's not all. Baiyun airport had 75 self-service passageways at the border e▓xit and entry areas. In the la

users and the data that each consumer uses daily, as well a s the dropp▓i ng costs of data, will be a catalyst for t he fast de velopment of t he mobile in ternet market."B y 2035, conn▓ecte d aircraft will beco me universal, and th e global market▓ is forecast to be worth $130 billion , which will bene▓fit a irlines, hardware ma nufacturers, content providers, 巍山彝族回族自治县wap 任丘市wap 定远县5G 浏阳市wap 萝北县5G 贵阳市5G 汶上县5G 龙门县5G 哈尔滨市wap 宝山区wap 淮安市wap 德格县wap 醴陵市wap 都匀市wap 始兴县wap 故城县5G 邵东县wap 诏安县5G 苏尼特左旗5G 长白朝鲜族自治县5G 传奇私服无限元宝服 1.76倚天精品传奇私服 传奇私服版本库 传奇私服单职业新开网 神途微端传奇私服网 传奇私服破解版 传奇私服挂机回收脚本 超变传奇私服网站新开网单职业 虎牙传奇私服直播间 传奇私服新开网站